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Welcome to my site. Here we talk about all things financial independence. Why? Because the scar of poverty only limits our greatness. Imagine what you could do if you didn’t have to work. Please note that I didn’t say “don’t work”. That is the key here. When we have the freedom to do what we want, we usually do it with greatness. In my personal experience, any win, albeit financial or physical, didn’t just fall out of the sky. It was a series of good choices over a long period of time thus making the winner a benefactor of the compound effect. So in order to gain victories in the personal finance world, we have to play the long-game. We need to win every day with the right decisions that will favor a brighter tomorrow. I know this because for the last three decades, this has been my obsession and I have gained traction. So here is a little about me…

I grew up in the woods of Eastern North Carolina where pigs and diesel engines were the local economy. You either be a mechanic, a farmer, or an addict. I did not go to school for reasons I’ll explain eventually, and started working illegally at the age of 8 helping my mom close down a casual dining restaurant. It was at this very moment in time that I learned, the harder I worked at rolling silverware and sweeping the floors, the more income I earned. I didn’t just have to be fast, the quality had to be superb because if I had to redo any work, that only set me back. This work was not coerced, I started this gig to help my mom, but when I saw the chance to earn some money, I figured I was on to something. You see I had always been curious about success. Not just money but the chance to chart out your own path. I knew I was on a path to poverty because I was surrounded by trailer parks and no formal education. At this time, I recognized, I either had nihilism (giving up) which we’ll talk more about in a future post, or work. The latter of which was yielding some good fruits for me. After all, when I didn’t go to work, all I had at home deep in the woods were wild animals to slaughter and examine out of curiosity, or neighborhood kids to fight with out of boredom. After a few years of working and saving money, something amazing happened that flipped my way of seeing the world upside down.

As a teenager, my father got a promotion at his job and the whole family then moved to the suburbs of Indianapolis. While I will always love my hometown in the southeast, I was aghast when I saw the huge suburban homes, skyscrapers, and beautifully manicured lawns that occupied the space I now roamed. Where I came from, it was customary to have generations of broken-down rusty cars lined up in the front yard.  So I was completely amazed to learn about all the prosperous opportunities this new suburban lifestyle offered. The particular contrast between the two cities (rural poverty and flashy suburban wealth) fascinated me into pursuing a deeper understanding of fiscal depravity and economic conditions. I wondered, why was I poor one day living next to a trailer park, and then suddenly overnight, I now live in a neighborhood with monster homes, 3 car garages and finished basements? This curiosity pushed me to consume many books at the local library about money and economics. To this day, I am still learning. But there have been some truths that I have learned and would like to share.

Simply put, having a basic understanding of money has inspired me to be a frugal enthusiast while also being a productivity-driven worker. Said frugal lifestyle has allowed me to prosper through many entrepreneurial endeavors fueled by my savings.

While I’ll admit I still have much to learn, I feel compelled to share the lessons learned from my personal finance success stories. In sequential order, I,

These accolades were accomplished while working numerous “average jobs” which didn’t require a college degree. Now I am not writing to say, “follow my ten-step program and you can do the same.” The truth is, We all start off in different places. But if you were like me, that is, working at a local Denny’s restaurant sweeping up dirty old cigarettes in the parking lot wondering if you could be leading a more fulfilling life, perhaps there is some value here for you.

This site is a personal journal that talks about how one guy gained wealth slowly, through gritty frugality. Here we embrace/celebrate hard work and how the success from it changes us for the better.

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