This site is a personal journal that talks about the journey to Financial Independence through frugality and “average jobs”.

The Author, Joey Graziano, grew up in the woods of Eastern Carolina and then moved to Indianapolis as a teenager in the early 2000s. While Joey will always love his hometown, he was completely amazed to learn about all the prosperous opportunities his new home offered. This particular contrast between the two cities fascinated him into pursuing a deeper understanding of poverty and economic conditions.

Having a basic understanding of money has inspired Joey into being a frugal enthusiast. This frugal lifestyle has allowed him to prosper through many entrepreneurial endeavors fueled by his savings.

While Joey does admit he still has much to learn, he strongly feels compelled to share the lessons learned from his personal finance success stories. In sequential order, he has

  • Eliminated $225k of debt (business and personal).
  • Lives a debt free life while investing 70% of his take home pay.
  • Graduated college with no debt for less than 10k.
  • Paid cash for his home in his early 30s.
  • Accumulated a personal net worth upwards of $250k.
  • Obtained Financial Independence (In progress)

Here, we embrace/celebrate hard work and how the success from it changes us for the better.

Where to start?
You could start at the first post here. Also, the topic categories would be a good place to go if you are interested in a specific path. All categories have contributed to the ultimate goal of financial independence (FI) in some form.

If your financial problem is unique, email or connect with Joey on social media. He always enjoys an opportunity to flex his spreadsheet muscles. Thanks for stopping by!

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