This site is a personal journal that talks about the journey to Financial Independence through frugality, average jobs, and an overall discovery of strength through courage.  I am your guide.


A little background

I grew up in the woods of Eastern Carolina and then moved to Indianapolis as a teenager in the early 2000s. While I’ll always be a country boy at heart,  moving to the industrial suburbs of the Midwest changed the way I looked at the world. It blew my mind to learn about all the prosperous employment opportunities Indy offered when compared to the pig farms back home in NC. This particular contrast between the two cities fascinated me into pursuing a deeper understanding of poverty and economic conditions. Naturally, an interest for producing wealth followed.

Having a basic understanding of money has inspired me into being a frugal enthusiast. This frugal lifestyle has allowed me to prosper through many entrepreneurial endeavors fueled by my savings.

There have been many times in the past where I used debt, get rich quick scams or took the advice from poor people to make money and got burned bad. But I survived and eventually prospered. My aim here is to alleviate the pain from poverty.

While I’ll admit, I still have much to learn. I feel compelled to share the lessons learned from my personal finance success stories. In sequential order I have,

  • Eliminated $225k of debt (business and personal).
  • Lives a debt free life while investing 70% of my take home pay.
  • Graduated college with no debt for less than 10k.
  • Paid cash for my home in my early 30s.
  • Accumulated a personal net worth upwards of $300k.
  • Obtained Financial Independence (In progress)

I feel compelled to write and share my stories on wealth generation because I am just an average guy. I grew up poor, without a high school diploma, and somehow I was able to better my situation. I know what it’s like to be hungry, I know what it’s like to have a  crappy job, sweep up old cigarettes in the parking lot of a restaurant and wonder how I could be more. And in my specific case, the actions I took were directly responsible for the prosperity I have accumulated. This is not to say that luck, grace and help weren’t a factor. But I always had those privileges and still screwed it up. Somehow, I made a pivot. At some point things got better for me. That is why my site exists.

On this site, I embrace/celebrate hard work and how the success from it changes us for the better.


How does this blog make money?

This is a simple answer, it really doesn’t. I may, occasionally use an affiliate link but I clearly call it out. If you feel compelled to encourage my work, the affiliate link is one option. Or, there is a second option. I have created a tip jar. But please don’t feel obligated. I mainly created the tip jar to finance the editing/publishing process for a book I am writing. But I am not going to lie, I’d always appreciate a beer.


Where to start?

You could start at the first post here. Also, the topic categories explained below would be a good place to go if you are interested in a specific path. All categories have contributed to the ultimate goal of financial independence (FI) in some form.

  • Frugal Grit is how-to in nature and describes neat tricks or frugal hacks that I apply in my life.
  • Investing is as stated. However, I am a simple man. So, as implied in the title of this post, I keep my investing tactics geared towards the average person. No speculation or gambling here. I only write about things I do.
  • Poverty Engineering is geared towards the social sciences. With this category, I focus on the effects policy and personal responsibility have on tackling poverty. Facts are the guide here. There will be opinions. But my mind is open and I am always willing to change based on new discoveries.
  • Rant is random in nature and allows me to not be on social media since I can post my opinion here. Sure I have social media accounts. But I am not there. I am out in the world creating my own thing instead of endless slot machine algorithm feed scrolling.
  • Real Estate Investing, as the name implies, this is my journal from the lessons learned. I only write about what I know here. So there will be bumps and bruises along the way. Perhaps we’ll learn something.
  • Entrepreneurship is a journal on how I manage my business.  As a warning to you, dear reader, I am new to this realm and do not want to mislead. This is not advice on how to grow an empire (I have not done that). This is what I am doing to frugally grow an additional revenue of wealth. All the pain and progression will be mentioned.

If your financial problem is unique, email me on the link below. I always enjoy an opportunity to flex my spreadsheet muscles. Thanks for stopping by!

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