Life update: Where have I been?

Hey all,

Just a short one for you today. Back in December I posted a video here about my ambitions to start creating things again. And I am happy to say, that I have been busy plugging away at that ambition. Usually, I chat about personal finance/economics, and I plan to continue to do so, but I also want to share some of the other things that go on in my life to use this platform as a lessons learned experience. In no particular order below are some updates. As always, be sure to subscribe to the site here to stay informed on everything. Have a good one!

  • I have started to pick up where I left off many years ago on software engineering. I am super rusty and decided, I needed to brush up on my soft skills in order to achieve my goal of building things again. This ambition is in direct conflict with the other priorities on my plate, so writing here, and general updates on my social media platforms will be delayed.
  • My business, it will be to develop appliances/services that I feel the world needs. The struggle is, time not money. By consequence, I need to learn a lot so I don’t have to spend money on contracting work out.
  • My book update, this is a long one that I will summarize, I wrote a short book, showed it to some of my friends, and their feedback was… eh. After I spent two years writing at a rate of ten hours a week, I was a little heartbroken at the lackluster response. Nonetheless, I am going to move forward and use this experience as a nice lesson. I think I am not ready to produce a book that is meaningful just yet. I will keep on writing and use this site to announce noteworthy updates. And, the nice part of having a blog site is that I can use this space to post the content from my former book. So I plan to do that in due time. I have not given up on my plan to write a book, I just feel that I am not ready yet, and will continue to work on the craft.
  • Podcast, I got a Spotify account setup and plan to upload some content there. I am just playing with this site for now. But I see real potential. Anything posted on that site will also be located here just to keep things simple.
  • Real Estate, I am passively on the hunt to buy a debt free rental property. The prices around me keep increasing so I have been on hold seeing how I can get into this highly competitive market. If you have any tips please share!

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